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Remote Learning Information


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Student Emails

eduPass is the Department of Education and Training’s identity and access management (IDAM) platform which provides students with a unique identity (i.e. username and password) to access the Department’s applications and networks. When signing in with google you will be redirected to this page, you will need to enter your education email address and password to access our remote learning drive.

If you are unsure of your username or password please contact your teacher, for technical difficulties please contact the school directly preferably by email


Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education provides students with access to twenty-first century collaboration and learning tools to support their education.

In order to access this, students will sign in to google with their personalised education email which has been provided to families.


Google drive will allow us to store and organise our remote learning curriculum securely and allow our families to access this from any device. When you sign into drive you will have access to our Ashley Park remote learning folder. Within this folder students will have access to all of their digital learning requirements. 


Zoom meeting

Zoom meeting with allow us to communicate via video with all of our students and ensure we keep working collaboratively.


In order to access Zoom you will need to download the application to your computer or portable device.


Once you have downloaded the software you will need to sign in with your personalised student email by clicking the sign in with google function. Your teacher will then supply you with a private meeting code for you to join at the scheduled time in the lesson. 

What will the learning look like?

Each learning community will have a structured timetable, which will prioritise English and Maths. Families will be provided with a copy of their child's daily timetable. 

All students will continue to participate in 1 hour of Physical Education, STEAM, Creative Arts and Wellbeing each week.

At the beginning of each remote learning session the staff will push out a link on Compass which will give direct access to the google slides for that lesson. Our amazing staff have pre recorded these lessons so students can listen to the explanation of the learning intention, success criteria and watch the teacher model the learning. Students will then be given time to work through their activity. On completion of their activity they will Zoom into their teacher's meeting to clarify and reflect on the learning. 

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What will I need?

  • A device (preferably not a phone) which your child can use during school time that has access to the internet. If you are not able to provide this please contact the school to discuss your needs - email


  • Sign into google email and access the remote learning folder 

  • Sign into Zoom using your google email address 

  • Headphones: will keep the home space quieter particularly if you are working from home or have more than one child

  • An organised learning space with easy access to the items below

  • Remote learning pack supplied by the school prior to end of Term one which includes: 

-mini whiteboard

-white board markers

-write and wipe sleeve

-grey lead

-2 work books

-handwriting book

  • Other materials which will help:

-Coloured pencils


-Glue stick

The school has organised and purchased further resources to support remote learning and these will be provided to our families in the first and second week of Term 2 now we are transitioning to remote learning.

Compass will continue to be the platform for all up to date communications with families and carers. Here you will find 'how to videos' to set up your remote learning needs. If you would like to contact a teacher directly, please use the email button on your Compass class page.

Preparing for Remote Learning

Victorian primary and secondary school holidays started on Tuesday 24 March. Tuesday 24 March – Friday 27 March were pupil-free days, to allow teachers and education support staff time to plan for and prepare resources for learning from home. The Department of Education and Training has produced a helpful guide on how to access ‘Learning from Home’ for students and parents. Tuesday 14th April is also a pupil free day. Students will commence Term 2 on Wednesday 15th April at which time we will move to remote learning for the duration of Term 2 as announced by the Premier and Minister for Education on Tuesday 7th April.

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