Details of our school councillors:



Phone: 0425 818 590

Clinton Fullgrabe

Vice President:



General Committee:

Ellie Theggie – 

Toni Dumistrascu –

Andrew Curwood

Koori Koochew

Brendan Molloy

Katherine Withoos

Manuel Roman

Rhonda Burkhalter

Department of Education members:

Principal:                    Keren Barro

Assistant Principal:   Alisha Campbell

Business Manager:   Tracey Jones

Teaching staff:           Juaniki Moore

                                    Rob Syme

The following are scheduled dates for 2021 school council meetings

May 11th 5:30pm

June 22nd 5:30pm

July 27th 5:30pm

August 24th 5:30pm

October 26th 5:30pm

November 23rd 5:30pm

If you would like anything raised please contact Keren Barro (Principal) or Clinton Fullgrabe President to discuss having it included on the agenda.