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Welcome to Ashley Park Primary School

Ashley Park Primary School is a school situated in a well-established pocket of Doreen, approximately 27 km north east of Melbourne.

Our committed and energetic staff implement a needs based, targeted approach to teaching and learning in our flexible and adaptive learning spaces. Our staff range in age and experience and bring a great deal of knowledge, skill and expertise to their particular role.

We are focussed on improving student learning outcomes and utilise a like needs grouping approach within all learning communities. Our students work in bright, modern learning spaces that also contain inquiry learning zones, purpose built for the arts, science and technology..

Wellbeing and engagement are very important to us and we have worked hard to build a positive school culture and school community in our first year of operation. We foster positive partnerships between home and school working closely with families throughout their child’s primary school years. We promote active travel to and from school which is assisted by our location, the well-established bike paths throughout the surrounding local parklands and our bike shed. Our children and families can easily reach us by walking, cycling or scooting as there are no major roads to cross in our school zone.


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