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Ashley Eats

Ashley Eats is owned and operated by Jo May. School Council leases the canteen facility to Ashley Eats.

The Canteen is open every Tuesday and Friday for lunch orders and counter sales at recess and lunchtime.

Families can send along their child's lunch order with cash to go into the lunch order basket in their community or can order and pay online using flexi schools app. 


Opportunity exists for parent/family volunteers to help in the canteen. All volunteers must have a Working with Children Check that needs to be presented at reception.

If you would like to help please contact Jo By email or phone 0417392146

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Welcome back to all Parents and Carers, and a big welcome to all the new families who have joined our school community.

To all the new families my name is Jo and I run the school canteen…ASHLEY EATS

The canteen will be open from Friday  3rd Feb. It will be open Tuesdays and Fridays.  The online ordering app has been updated to include all the new classes. For existing families please ensure that you UPDATE YOUR CHILDS CLASS so that the orders are put in the right baskets. For the new families you just need to download the app,  and register to set up an account, check out the menu and place an order. Students can still order by putting a bag or envelope clearly marked with their name, class, order and money in the basket in the classroom in the morning. (any change will be put into bag).

Food ordered for recess will be picked up by the student at the window and lunch will be delivered to the classroom.

The “snack foods” don’t need to be ordered and can be paid for at the window with cash or they can be pre ordered via the app or lunch order. If a frozen product is ordered the item will be highlighted and they must bring the bag up to the window to collect. Please remind your child of this so there is no confusion.

It would be appreciated if your child has an allergy that you come and chat with me first or alternatively there is an allergy alert on the app.

A big thank you to the volunteers who helped out last year but I would love some more helpers and new faces. All you need is a Working With Children check and a few hours…many hands make like work….  Please text me your availability this week.



Jo…      0417 392 146. /

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