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Meet the
Ashley Park Primary School Staff

The school is organised into the following Learning Communities in 2024


Junior 1 (Year 1)

Junior 2 (Year 2)

Middle 3 (Year 3)

Middle 4 (Year 4)

Senior (Year 5 and 6)


Our staff work in collaborative teaching teams within their Learning Community where team accountability and responsibility, shared planning, common practices and the use of a strong instructional model target student needs.


We are focussed on improving student learning outcomes and utilise a like needs grouping approach within all learning communities.


Our programs encourage our students to engage with and inquire about areas of interest to them within the provision of the Victorian Curriculum.

Ashley Park Primary School offers four specialist areas – Creative Arts, Music & Dance, Physical education and Spanish & Drama. Every child enjoys one hour per week of each of these programs.

Leadership Team

Keren BARRO_0.jpg

Keren Barro


Emily KING_0.jpg

Emily King

Assistant Principal

Kylie SAYER_0.jpg

Kylie Sayer

Business Manager

Jenny NEGRIN_0.jpg

Jenny Negrin

Learning Specialist

Wellbeing & Inclusion



Therapy Dog

Brodie COLLINS_0.jpg

Brodie Collins

Learning Specialist

Teaching & Learning

Natasha SATLER_0.jpg

Natasha Satler

Leading Teacher

Disability Inclusion

Education Support - Admin

Meagan PALISE_0.jpg

Meagan Palise

Administration Assistant

Stephanie JELLETT_0.jpg

Stephanie Jellett



Helen Hatzikonstantinos


Tracey MIDDLEDITCH_0.jpg

Tracey Middleditch

First Aid

Education Support Team

Sarah McIntosh

Sarah McIntosh

School Chaplain

Claudette Dib

Claudette Dib

Language Support

Craig Black

Craig Black

Maintenance and Grounds

Marley MILLS_0.jpg

Marley Mills

Sally-Ann Jacob

Sally-Ann Jacob

Laura Birckel

Laura Birckel

Kathy HACK_0.jpg

Kathy Hack

Ingrid Risa

Ingrid Risa

Jaye SABELL_0.jpg

Jaye Sabell

Hanna RAWSON_0.jpg

Hanna Rawson

Theresa JOWETT_0.jpg

Terri Jowett


Karen Stubberfield

Kylie ERICSON_0.jpg

Kylie Ericson

Hope WHISKIN.jpg

Hope Whiskin

Foundation Learning Community

Trent RYAN_0.jpg

Trent Ryan

Amy STANYON_0.jpg

Amy Stanyon

Rebekah DI BERARDINO_0.jpg

Rebekah Di Berardino

Melinda GRETGRIX_0.jpg

Melinda Gretgrix


Specialist Team

Katia RODRIGUEZ_0.jpg

Katia Rodriguez

Spanish/Performing Arts

Ryan CALLOW_0.jpg

Ryan Callow

Physical Education

Kym MAXWELL_0.jpg

Kim Maxwell

Creative Arts

Rebecca GAMBLING_0.jpg

Rebecca Gambling

Music & Dance

Lorraine Curran

Lorraine Curran

Specialist Support

Teaching Support

Ashlee BLYTHE_0.jpg

Ashlee Blythe

Career start release

Nicole WALTERS.jpg

Nicky Walters


Ashley Park Logo

Sarah De Gier


Junior 1 Learning Community

Rebecca JONES_0.jpg

Rebecca Jones

Ashlee BLYTHE_0.jpg

Ashlee Blythe

Julie BOSEVSKA_0.jpg

Julie Bosevska

Simone DANIELS_0.jpg

Simone Daniels

Carly REZUK_0.jpg

Carly Rezuk

Junior 1

Junior 2 Learning Community

Robert SYME_0.jpg

Robert Syme

Lindy GYAW_0.jpg

Lindy Gyaw

Erika BENNETT_0.jpg

Erika Bennett

Paige VENTER.jpg

Paige Venter

Junior 2
Middle 3

Middle 3 Learning Community

Grace WALSH.jpg

Grace Walsh

Sarah TORCASIO_0.jpg

Sarah Torcasio

Joanne BATTYE_0.jpg

Jo Battye

Brett MCDONALD_0.jpg

Brett McDonald

Middle 4 Learning Community

Renae MCGUIRE_0.jpg

Renae Findlay

Natasha SATLER_0.jpg

Natasha Satler

Stevie CUMMING_0.jpg

Stevie Cumming

Hailey BYNON_0.jpg

Hailey Bynon

Middle 4

Senior Learning Community

Brandon FRANCESCHINI_0.jpg

Brandan Franceschini

Alannah BAIRD_0.jpg

Alannah Baird

Jake FRANCIS_0.jpg

Jake Francis

Mariah CRAVEN_0.jpg

Mariah Craven

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