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Our Year 6 students are our student leaders. They have developed roles and responsibilities for the various leadership positions that they hold. A highlight for many is the opportunity to lead the school assembly on a Friday afternoon as an Assembly Ambassador and to have responsibility for flying the flags. each day. They liaise with all of our learning communities and have the opportunity to represent our school at events such as ANZAC day and Remembrance Day commemorations. Student leadership opportunities are important at Ashley Park and will continue to be a priority as our school grows. 


We utilise a buddy program at Ashley Park Primary School where each Foundation group is allocated a group of Year 6 students. We believe this is a wonderful experience for all children. It provides an opportunity for the development of a strong school culture that sees the older students care for those younger than themselves. During the year they meet regularly with their buddies often having lunch and completing activities together. 

Grade 6 Buddies

The Senior community have been working hard to plan engaging lessons for their buddies, that teach them all about playing nicely in the yard. It was so lovely to see the year 6’s leadership skills in action.

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